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Agent Running
in the Field

Love &



Nat, a 47 year-old veteran of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, believes his years as an agent runner are over. He is back in London with his wife, the long-suffering Prue. But with the growing threat from Moscow Centre, the office has one more job for him. Nat is to take over The Haven, a defunct substation of London General with a rag-tag band of spies. The only bright light on the team is young Florence, who has her eye on Russia Department and a Ukrainian oligarch with a finger in the Russia pie.

Agent Running in the Field is a chilling portrait of our time, now heartbreaking, now darkly humorous, told to us with unflagging tension by the greatest chronicler of our age.

John le Carré

John le Carré Sitting


The master chronicler of our age, John le Carré’s work has come to define not only the best of spy fiction but the very colour of our times.

An insightful observer of the human condition and contemporary geopolitics alike, le Carré’s novels are exciting, thought-provoking and touch on both eternal truths and deeply felt issues of the moment. From his breakout 1963 novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, to 2017’s best-selling A Legacy of Spies, le Carré’s timeless works have endured and continue to be critically acclaimed and loved by audiences around the world.

Le Carré’s twenty-six books have been published in over 50 countries and 40 languages.

Le Carré was born in 1931 and attended the universities of Bern and Oxford. He taught at Eton and served briefly in British Intelligence during the Cold War. For over half a century he has lived by his pen.


Promising to address the division and rage at the heart of our modern world, John Le Carré’s 25th novel is an espionage thriller ripe for our age

The Guardian

No other writer has charted - pitilessly for politicians but thrillingly for readers - the public and secret histories of his times

The Telegraph

No writer has ever been better at turning the act of two people talking politely to each other across a desk into a blood sport

Financial Times

John le Carré is as recognisable a writer as Dickens or Austen


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